Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deck update

Jul 13
One year ago

 Deck framing in progress
 Decking laid
Another view
Last Year
Stairs in place


We began adding the handrail to the deck this weekend. On the left are the uprights going in.

Proto handrail
A shot from the kitchen window showing the top rail and some of the cabling installed.
Staining the deck

Deck now stained with Ipe handrail and all cabling in place.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cedar Arbor

A while back I built an arbor so that the kiwi's I got back in February would have  a place to grow.

It isn't quite finished yet but the vines are growing like weeds. The soil pH must 
be perfect for them. 

The arbor is made from cedar and some bamboo.

Hopefully, next year we'll get some kiwis.

Another view. In the foreground you can see some excavation for a dam (pond). Just what I need, another project...