Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Free cabinets!

So while driving to the store on Sunday I noticed a heap of cabinets on the side of the road that looked promising. I went back later on and they were in good shape so I loaded them up.

It looked like maybe a bathroom vanity that had never even been used. They weren't box store either, they were custom built, but not too expensive. The face frames are maple.

I have been reworking the garage to get more use of the space as a workshop and I recently finished some wall cabinets. I was just on the verge of building a base cabinet when I found this one.
Today I leveled the cabinet and mounted it to the wall. I mounted a piece of 3/4" plywood on top. I'm banding the edge with some thin walnut I had left from another project.

The drawers were on the pile but they were all busted up and looked cheap so I didn't pick them up. Today I decided that I am going to just hang doors on the cabinet and put a shelf in the middle and forego the drawers.

There were also four unfinished cabinet doors in the same pile. They didn't match the other stuff so they were probably from another part of the house.

I was going to eventually build doors for the wall cabinets that I just built. The doors are 36" which is the same height as the wall cabinet so I can probably just build a face frame for the wall cabinet and make them work too.

So thanks to the person I don't know who tossed out perfectly good cabinets and saved me lots of time and money!