Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paint Screw up

This Sherwin Williams Harmony primer has zero volatile organic compounds. You literally cannot smell any paint odors at all. $37 gallon.

I am using the same kind of paint for the ceiling. It is flat white. Yesterday I got three gallons of paint for the ceiling and painted half the room. Today I painted the other half.

When I came back from lunch and inspected the ceiling I noticed a difference on half of it. Turns out the third gallon of pain was eggshell. Huge difference!

Sherwin Williams gave me another gallon, though they weren't very cordial. I had to go to a different store to get it. I'll be glad to get done painting. I'm not impressed with Sherwin Williams' customer service. Their paint is awesome however.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kitchen Update

Even though we had the coolest kitchen ever, white fridge, white dishwasher, white stove, white cabinets, white floor,  we decided to change it up a bit...

 First, we destroyed the old one and insulated the walls...

This floor was hard to part with...

One light in the kitchen was awesome, but we added a few anyway..

No pantry was fun, but we added one just for the hell of it..

Walls and ceiling primed. Sherwin Williams Harmony Primer, no VOC's. There are absolutely no paint odors whatsoever! Incredible.

The fun stuff!!

 Tubby did not help.

Hot Box

One more neighbor electing higher power bills. It's gonna get hot inside of that box now!

Spoke to the owner. The roots screw up his grass and somehow negatively affect the house. Sure, they provide some shade, but it's doesn't outweigh the problems they cause. No, he isn't going to live in it, he's renting it. 

Georgia Power thanks you sir!