Thursday, June 27, 2013

This window's gotta go!

 40 year old window. Double hung, leaky, ugly, it's got to go.
Interior view of the newly installed window.

Performance specs of the new Pella Window.

Low E
U Factor 0.29
SHGC .33
Visible Transmittance 0.62
Argon Gas filled double pane fixed
Energy Star Rated


It took about 4 hrs to install the window. We weren't trying to break any speed records. The old window was basically held in by 2 nails. There are about 20 screws in the new one. The gap between the framing and the window is filled with expanding foam. We taped the entire framing with a non permeable adhesive sealing tape.

Newly installed, high efficiency Pella. Very happy with this window!

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