Saturday, November 2, 2013


I received an offer from Infinite Energy to get a free NEST thermostat if I switched to their company for natural gas.

I had been already looking at the NEST for a year or so and had actually tried to purchase one one day from Lowe's but they didn't have it.

When the offer came I jumped on it. It just arrived on Friday. It literally took just a couple of minutes to install.

It is very cool. It connects via WiFi to the home network and from there I can access it from any where else with an Android app.

It gathers information so it can "learn" how you like your house temperature. It has a motion sensor and will show the settings when you walk past it. It also shows the humidity on the app.

So far the weather has been really mild and it hasn't had to utilize the air conditioner but once and I basically did that to check to see if it was installed correctly.

The NEST would normally cost $259.

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